Indiana homeowners assess damage caused by heavy hail storm

Johnson County hit particularly hard

FRANKLIN, Ind. - Folks in Franklin are assessing damage from Wednesday night's severe hail storms. 

Michael Vanderploeg said he can't believe what happened to homes in his Franklin neighborhood today when large hail hit.
"Everyone in this neighborhood has holes in their siding, southwest corners of the house got holes in windows, some of the windows were knocked out. Most everyone has roof and siding damage," he said.
Vanderploeg showed RTV6 the damage to his home, which included shutters torn off and holes in his screens. 
Franklin's Joyce Beaver rushed home from class at IUPUI after a call from her daughter about the hail hitting her house.

"I looked up and I could see all the damage on the top of the chimney and holes in the siding and even holes in the screens," she said.

The sheriff in Johnson County said another hard-hit area was Trafalgar. 

Heavy hail damage to cars and homes plus downed power lines and other issues tied up 911 phone lines for 45 minutes.

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