Indiana leads nation in meth lab busts

Madison Co. shut down more than 140 labs in 2012

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. - Madison County's Drug Task Force says meth has gone from being a non-issue to accounting for 75 percent of what they do. 

“This is an addiction-driven drug; it’s just people that are fueling their own highs,” said an undercover Madison County Drug Task Force detective. "In the past, I stayed away from using the word epidemic, but these one-pot methods of manufacturing meth is an epidemic." 

Madison County is number one in Indiana for dismantled meth labs and number two in the nation. The county shut down more than 140 meth labs last year. 

The most recent happened last weekend in Elwood, when police arrested three men for running two meth labs in a home.

Police say meth has gone from a rural drug to an anywhere-and-everywhere drug. 

 “I’m really concerned, especially when it’s right next door to my house or even anywhere in this neighborhood because you know I have children,”  said Elwood resident Shawn Francis.

While Indiana is leading the nation in meth busts, trying to come up with legislation to regulate the ingredients is even more complicated.

"They'll want to know as well what are the components of meth, what does it take to make it," said Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw. "And most of the components of meth are household goods that you probably have in your homes right now." 

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