Indiana man with Mitt Romney 'R' tattoo on face says he will have marking removed afterall

Man calls Romney's comments 'shameful'

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana man who tattooed a Mitt Romney "R" on his face for $15,000 has had a change of heart about keeping the marking.

Eric Hartsburg, 30, of Michigan City, a self-proclaimed professional wrestler, offered his forehead for advertising space on eBay and got the tattoo this summer.

Initially, he said he planned to keep the tattoo despite Romney's loss. But Hartsburg recently told Politico he plans to have it removed, citing Romney's "shameful" post-campaign performance, including the candidate's contention that he lost because of President Barack Obama's "gifts" to minorities.

"It stands not only for a losing campaign, but for a sore loser," Hartsburg said. "He's pretty shameful as far as I'm concerned, man. There's no dignity in blaming somebody else for buying votes and paying off people. I can't get behind that or stay behind that."

Hartsburg plans to fly to Los Angeles to have the tattoo removed. He's also put the middle space on his forehead up for auction.

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