Indiana schools fight rising flu outbreak

Classrooms fight germs to keep students healthy

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana schools are doing their part to fight the aggressive flu strain that has spread quickly across the country.

Indiana is one of 29 states reporting high levels of flu-like illnesses and hospitals from coast to coast are being forced to divert patients from their overcrowded emergency rooms.

Recent reports said at least 18 children have died from the flu this season, including two in Ind.

Kim Brown is a teacher at Eliza A. Blaker Elementary School and works hard to maintain a clean classroom environment.

Brown applied for a grant through and received enough money to purchase cleaning items like Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and Lysol spray to last the entire school year.

“Wipe down the desks, the doorknobs or whatever surfaces we touch. Lots of germs are going around. Whatever we can do to make sure germs aren’t floating around. We make sure we get it under control,” Brown said.

Her students are willing to participate in the cleaning process and agree it has been effective in preventing illness in the classroom.

The principal of the school, Stephanie West, said attendance hovers at 95 percent year-round.

“Our cases started earlier and we are seeing double the amount of influenza cases we had compared to last year. The scary part is we may not be out our peak yet,” said West.

Doctors said flu shots are strongly recommended and are the best way to avoid becoming sick.

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