Indiana Senate Republicans sanction Sen. Mike Delph over remarks

Delph criticized Republicans over HJR-3 vote

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Senate Republicans have fired back at Sen. Mike Delph, removing him from leadership positions after Delph accused them of abandoning their principles in the HJR-3 debate.

On Friday, Senate President Pro Tem David Long, the Senate's leading Republican, told Delph he would lose his ranking within the GOP caucus and his press secretary. Delph's seat in the Senate chambers will also be moved to be among Senate Democrats.

The sanctions against Delph follow more than a week of infighting over the failed effort to place the proposed amendment on the ballot this November.

After the Senate failed to restore the second sentence of HJR-3 last Thursday, thus delaying its spot on a public referendum until at least 2016, Delph took to Twitter to voice his frustrations . In a prolific, three-day war of words, Delph criticized his fellow Republicans, saying they had turned their back on the conservative base of the Indiana Republican Party.

Delph also lashed out at the media and the "self-absorbed Godless culture that is fast-tracking our nation to ruin."

In a press conference Monday , Delph said he thought the state's voters deserved the chance to vote on the issue.

"The can keeps getting kicked down the road while culture change grows," Delph said. "The state of Indiana needs to bring this issue to closure once and for all."

On Friday, Delph told Call 6 Investigator Rafael Sanchez that he has "no regrets" about anything he's said or tweeted following the HJR-3 decision.

See the full version of Rafael's exclusive interview with Sen. Mike Delph on Sunday at 6:30 a.m. on Indianapolis This Week on RTV6.


Associated Press writer Tom LoBianco contributed to this report.

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