Indiana State Police warn motorists against driving in sub-zero temps

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana State Police warned motorists about the dangers of traveling in sub-zero temperatures Monday.

Several central Indiana counties were under a travel advisory in hopes of trying to prevent more broken-down vehicles and weather-related crashes on area interstates.

ISP said that motorists stranded in vehicles in freezing temperatures could turn into a life-or-death situation, but there are ways drivers can be proactive.

If your vehicle becomes stranded, ISP advised drivers to say inside of to protect yourself from the elements.

Police also advised drivers to make a winter survival kit that includes a blanket, warm clothes and a flashlight.  Also, make sure your cellphone is charged so that you can call for help, if needed.

"Our troopers are out patrolling...hitting the same spots about every hour, hour and a half, making that diligent travel around the metro area and surrounding areas. We're looking for the stranded motorists, people broken down with flat tires, so we can get help to them," ISP Sgt. Rich Meyers said.

Police also said that drivers should let family and friends know travel routes and time frames so that they can have a heads up if something goes wrong.

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