Indiana time zone debate continues as Hoosiers get ready to 'fall back'

Central Time Coalition keeps up time zone fight

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers will join most of the rest of the country in observing Daylight Saving Time by setting their clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday.

The change will provide for more light during the early-morning hours, but will also mean that it will darker an hour sooner in the evening.

Time zones and time changes have long been hot issues in Indiana. Until 2006, Indiana did not change their clocks in the spring and fall, and some contend that most of the state is in the wrong time zone.

The Central Time Coalition has argued for years that all of Indiana should be in the Central Time Zone. The group said it has more than 19,000 signatures of residents who support moving the state to Central Time.

The Central Time Coalition is also asking school systems to support their push to get Indiana out of the Eastern Time Zone.

Most of Indiana, aside from a few counties in the far northwestern and far southwestern parts of the state, is on Eastern Time.

The U.S. Department of Transportation previously denied a request to hold hearings in Indiana to determine the proper time zone boundary, saying that Indiana lawmakers should make that determination.

The Central Time Coalition plans to push its agenda again next year in the Indiana Legislature.

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