Indiana University Hoosier fans disappointed after Sweet 16 loss to Syracuse

Syracuse beats Indiana 61-50

BLOOMINGTON - Thousands of Indiana University fans packed Bloomington restaurants and pubs to watch the Hoosiers take on the Syracuse Orange in the Sweet 16 Thursday night.

Although the game didn't turn out in the Hoosiers' favor , many fans said they were still proud despite the disappointing outcome.

"It's really, really frustrating. I thought we had a run for the Final Four," said one fan.

Many fans had planned to celebrate the night away after a big win, but as the game clock ticked away, it became clear that a comeback wasn't likely.

"I'm still really proud of our team for making it this far and coming to the Sweet 16," student Lauren Goldeen said.

The 61-50 loss was tough for fans to swallow, but many of them remained optimistic.

"I'm just so happy that IU basketball is back. It's a great feeling in Bloomington to have a team that's winning again, but being out here right now, that loss is pretty hard to take, for everyone," student Kelsey Shrank said.

President Barack Obama was also likely disappointed. He picked IU to win the championship in his bracket.

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