Indiana woman blazes trail on college-football activity book for kids

INDIANAPOLIS - It’s October, and we’re right in the heart of college football season. One Hoosier native has come up with an idea for the fan who perhaps isn’t old enough to have the college experience.

“I grew up in Cloverdale, Indiana, a really small town, and went to Ball State and then moved to Alabama, and I learned what college football madness is all about,” Darla Hall said.

Hall said the idea came to her after a client’s child broke both of his legs when he was hit by a car. She started to develop children’s activity books for sports teams.

The client was a big Alabama Crimson Tide football fan, so she developed an activity book about the team and gave it to the child so he would have something to do.

Now, Hall has created 11 more activity books for 11 other teams, including Indiana University, Notre Dame and Ohio State.

The activity book is 38 pages full of different activities such as mazes and puzzles that are themed after a team.

“They are great for kids from 3 to 13 and they’re great family activities,” Hall said.

Whenever they develop a book in a market, they donate activity books to places like Riley Hospital for Children.

Alabama football coach Nick Saben and IU basketball coach Tom Crean are just a couple of big supporters.

Hall said the book is approved by the NFL for next season, and more college team books are in the works.

The activity books also come with a free app that you can download. Head to this website to find out more about getting your hands on an activity book.

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