Indianapolis company offers free firearms training for teachers in wake of deadly Newtown shooting

Several Ind. school districts indicate interest

INDIANAPOLIS - In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, an Indianapolis company is offering free firearms training for teachers.

"I think the next Adam Lanza ought to be concerned about there being a gun on the other side of a classroom door," said attorney Guy Relford, who owns Indy's Tactical Firearms Training .

Relford offers a variety of gun-use courses including ones specifically for women and home protection. 

The courses cost as much as $900, but in light of the Connecticut school shooting, Relford is offering them for free to teachers. 

He said several Indiana school systems have indicated interest in the free training, but first teachers must have a license to carry a handgun and permission from their school to carry a firearm on the premises.

"Under Indiana law today, it is entirely legal for a school system to employ or authorize as a security guard in school anyone it wants to," explained Relford.

In other words, any teacher can legally carry a gun in school.

"The statute just says 'employed or authorized' to act as a security guard," Relford said.

Those teachers would then be exempt from the federal "Gun Free School Zones Act."

While Relford advocates teachers should carry guns to protect their students and fellow educators, he does so with caution.

He said teachers should only carry voluntarily and after extensive training.

"Virtually all teachers, I'm sure, didn't go into education with the idea they are going to be an armed security guard and confront the next Adam Lanza with a gun. We need to respect that they are there to teach," Relford cautioned.

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