Indianapolis Fire Department crews struggle to douse house fire flames in freezing temps

Crews battle stingy flames, freezing temps

INDIANAPOLIS - A mother of two said she was heating her family's home with the oven when it caught fire Tuesday morning.

Firefighters were called to a duplex in the 1400 block of Kappes Street just before 7 a.m.

Trinity Maple and her two children, ages 3 and 7, escaped the home uninjured, but one of the family's dogs was unaccounted for.

"We turned on the stove to try to stay warm and it caught in fire," Trinity Maple said. "We moved into this house and everything was already gone, so we've been slowly trying to put money back in the house. We got the water heater in there, and we were working on the furnace for it so we could keep warm."

One firefighter suffered minor injuries. The home was deemed a total loss.

Fire officials urged families not to try to heat their homes with appliances.

"You don't want to use a stove as an alternative heating source. You want to make sure you use it for its intended purpose," said Capt. Aleatha Henderson with the Indianapolis Fire Department. "When you use it outside of that, it can be dangerous and even fatal."

Experts also recommend keeping space heaters at least 3 feet from anything flammable, like curtains, clothing, blankets and furniture.

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