Indianapolis man goes to great lengths to get back his stolen dog

INDIANAPOLIS - How far would you go to get back a lost pet? One Indianapolis man told us he’s willing to pay anything to find the fluffiest member of his family.

East-side resident Eddie Williams said his toy poodle, Boomer, has been missing since last November. Williams said someone stole the dog out of his car near 25th and Sherman, and he’s worried the dog is cold or sick.

Williams has hired a private investigator to track down the dog and has now invested in a roving billboard to get his message out.

“If you see this story tonight and you have Boomer, just please have compassion, call me, return my baby. No questions asked,” Williams said. “Boomer’s very important to me. Boomer is not a dog. Boomer is my little human with four legs.”

Williams is also offering a $1,500 reward to anyone who turns up with the dog -- no questions asked.

Anyone with information on Boomer is asked to call Williams at 317-494-2060.

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