Indianapolis Metro Police to launch website for missing persons cases

Site will include tip page

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metro Police are launching a new website devoted solely to solving missing person cases.

Each year in Indianapolis, Metro police receive more than 4,000 missing person cases. Some get solved within a matter of hours and days, but others linger for months and even years.

The Missing Persons Unit will launch a website devoted to cases of people missing longer than one month. It will help police give and get information about the missing.

"We're going to have an intelligence page, a tip page that will allow us to gain investigative tips from the community as well as have that linked up with all the media," said Sgt. Paul Scott, with the Metro police missing persons unit.

The Metro police missing persons unit is one of the most successful in the country with a clearance rate of 96 percent, but it's of little consolation to those with a loved one still out there, still missing.

"It's not right. He shouldn't be gone this long. Where is he? That's the question we want to know," said Jessica Lynn, whose former boyfriend, Michael White, has been missing for 13 months.

The new program aims to offer hope to the families of the missing.

Missing persons cases are never closed. Metro police will keep them open until a final resolution, be it good news or bad.

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