Indianapolis pastor facing child molestation charges turns himself in

Pastor denies allegations of man, now 29

INDIANAPOLIS - A pastor who faces two child molesting charges turned himself in on Monday, Indianapolis police said.

Otis B. Jetter, pastor of Pilgrim Chapel Missionary Baptist Church at 2301 Dr. Andrew J. Brown Ave., was accompanied by his attorney when he came to the Marion County Jail.

An accuser who is now 29 years old came forward last month, telling police that Jetter began molesting him when he was 12 years old.

The man said Jetter often picked him up for church or took him home afterward.

A probable cause affidavit indicated that the accuser told police that in November 1994, Jetter picked him up and then parked near Indianapolis International Airport, forcing the boy to perform a sex act on him.

The man told police that when he was 13, Jetter gave him a ride home from church, but stopped on a side street and forced him to have intercourse.

The accuser said that Jetter gave him $25 and told him to never tell anyone.

The man said that another incident happened when he was 14 and that he and the pastor had sex at a hotel.

The accuser said he decided to come forward after seeing Jetter bring a young boy to church recently.

Police interviewed Jetter, and he denied the allegations.

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