Indianapolis retailer hosts run in honor of Boston Marathon blast victims

Indy couple shares Boston experience

INDIANAPOLIS - Runners from all over the metro area turned out Monday evening to run in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Retailer BlueMile hosted a 26.2 minute run at each of its four central Indiana locations -- Broad Ripple, Carmel, Fishers and Greenwood -- to show support for the runners and spectators injured and killed in last week's blast.

"It just reminds everyone that we're bigger and we're stronger than whatever bad things are out there," said Andrea Johnson, with BlueMile.

Hundreds of Hoosiers turned out for Monday night's run, including an Indianapolis couple lucky to have escaped the explosions.

Josh Dials ran the Boston Marathon with his wife, Meggie, cheering him on -- they got back to their hotel room just moments before the bombs went off.

"It was scary," Meggie Dials said. "At that point, we had heard there might be other devices, so anytime you heard a noise you were just a little bit on edge, not sure what was happening."

Josh Dials said he was shaken up by what he and his wife came so close to experiencing.

"My wife was cheering for me in that exact spot," he said.

Meggie Dials said BlueMile's run for Boston gave Indianapolis residents a chance to show solidarity with Boston.

"It gives people here in Indianapolis a chance to do something and show that they care," she said. "I think the running community is always so together, it is really tight knit and I think this is just bringing us all together for a better cause."

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