Indianapolis teen interviews First Lady Michelle Obama

Grace Ybarra, 13, visited White House

WASHINGTON - An Indianapolis teen interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.

Grace Ybarra, 13, is a seventh-grade student at the International School of Indianapolis. She's also one of eight "kid reporters" for Sports Illustrated Kids.

Ybarra is writing a cover story on Mrs. Obama for the July issue of the magazine.

She spent 20 minutes with the First Lady and discussed her "Let's Move" campaign, Obama's platform to teach children the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

"On Tuesday, we went to the White House, and the interview was held in the First Lady's office, which was pretty cool," Ybarra said.

Ybarra said the Obama interview was the easiest she's ever had.

"She was super kind. I was a little nervous I would be too excited when I met her, but it was all fine," Ybarra said. "It was cool. She immediately hugged me instead of shaking my hand, so she was super nice."

Ybarra is no stranger to interviewing big names.

"Through all of this, she's interviewed Anderson Cooper to Madonna to Adam Sandler, and she just comes back to school and is a regular kid and is humble about it," her mother, Susan Vaughn, explained.

Ybarra has also interviewed Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, Super Bowl stars and basketball players in the men's NCAA Sweet 16.

"Makes for some interesting stories to share, and she's handled it with a lot of grace," added Ybarra's dad, Eli Ybarra.

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