Indianapolis to pay $15K to fix water wells

Wells drained by construction of cricket parks

INDIANAPOLIS - The city of Indianapolis will pay at least $15,000 to replace one home water well and lower pumps in three others because they're being sucked dry by an irrigation system at a park where crews are building cricket fields.

Dept. of Public Works Public Information Officer Lesley Gordon said multiple tests have shown that water levels of four wells in the area were impacted by the park.

"It is clear the deeper residential wells in the area were impacted by the wells in the World Sports Park," Gordon said. "We have been in contact with residents who reported well issues to IDNR and will work through that agency to discuss lowering the impacted wells as well as reimbursement for repairs already performed on affected wells. 

The costs represent the latest trouble for a $6 million project to equip the park with a premier cricket field and space for rugby, hurling and other sports popular overseas. City Council members have criticized Republican Mayor Greg Ballard for pushing the project while the city faces a $50 million budget deficit.

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