Indianapolis travelers mixed on whether knives should be allowed on airplanes

TSA set to change items allowed on planes

INDIANAPOLIS - The Transportation Safety Administration's plan to allow knives and other previously prohibited items on airplanes for the first time since 9/11 isn't sitting well with some travelers.

Groups representing flight attendants and air marshals have already sounded off against the plan.

Several travelers at Indianapolis International Airport said Wednesday the lines at the security checkpoint are the worst part of flying, but most of them don't want knives allowed on carry-on bags.

"I'm a little concerned about that," said traveler Edna Mann. "I don't understand the knives at all."

Under the plan set to be implemented in April, knives with blades of 2.36 inches or less and less than one and a half inches wide will be allowed, in addition to souvenir baseball bats and golf clubs.

"The knives and the baseball bats and golf clubs aren't really the big picture," said traveler Tom Sloan. "The bigger picture is stopping much larger concerns."

TSA officials said the changes are part of an overall risk-based security approach, a concept of focusing on known threats.

Some restrictions, such as the three-ounce-or-less amount of liquid allowed in a carry-on bag, will remain unchanged.

Agents have confiscated thousands of pocket knives, scissors and other items that aren't permitted. TSA said a shorter list of prohibited items means agents can focus on bigger threats, such as explosives.

"I think the slowdown is worth it. I don't think security is something that you should be mediocre about," said traveler Peyton Cunningham. "I think it should be something of importance in an airport."

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