INDOT bans semis from downtown ramp during South Split project

Truckers disregarding I-465 detour

INDIANAPOLIS - Large trucks are no longer allowed to use the "collector" road that takes vehicles from interstates 65 and 70 to various downtown exits, the Indiana Department of Transportation announced Friday.

Since the closure of the South Split on Sept. 3, truck traffic has picked up on the ramps exiting onto Michigan Street, New York Street, Ohio Street and Fletcher Avenue, as many drivers ignore INDOT's suggested I-465 detour.

"Tractor trailers cannot negotiate the turns required downtown without driving over curbs or into other traffic lanes, prompting traffic safety concerns," a Friday news release from INDOT said.

INDOT told RTV6 last week that trucks are tending to take Fletcher to Shelby Street, then Shelby Street south to Fountain Square, where they get on Prospect/Morris Street and take it back to I-65, where they can get back on the highway south of the South Split.

INDOT said in doing this, the trucks have to make wide turns in Fountain Square -- turns that the roads there cannot accommodate.

INDOT said there have also been reports of pavement in Fountain Square being torn up because of the heavy trucks driving through the area.

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