Indy man living on the streets for a week to raise homelessness awareness

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man found himself sleeping on the streets this weekend – if only temporarily.

Jeffrey Kincade says he's decided to spend a week living as a homeless person on the streets of Indianapolis to raise community awareness about the plight of people who actually find themselves on the streets.

Kincade, who was once homeless himself, says he will only accept the help of soup kitchens and other resources available to the homeless for the week.

He showed his dedication after a slip on the ice landed him in the emergency room Sunday morning.

"This is a year-round issue. This is life. This is reality," Kincade said. "Homelessness doesn't just wait for summer. It doesn't wait for you to feel your best. I went to the hospital today, and people said, 'Stop Jeff. Go home.' I said no, because this is what they face every day out here."

For more information about Jeff Kincade's "Camping for a Cause" project, check out his Facebook page .

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