Indy shelter more than doubles pet adoptions in one month

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Care and Control has announced it has more than doubled its adoptions in the past month. The shelter credits the increase to one particular change, which is making it easier for people to adopt.

On any given day, animal care and control can have hundreds of dogs and cats waiting in cages to catch someone’s eye. And normally, regardless of whether you want a cat or a dog, it will cost you $60 to rescue an animal.

But right now, animal care and control is charging just $10 per adoption, which includes all the essentials.

“Spay and neuter, microchip; for dogs, we do a heartworm test prior to adoption. For cats, we do a feline leukemia and a feline F.I.V. test, and they’re also up-to-date on their vaccines,” Indianapolis Care and Control outreach coordinator Dawn Contos said.

Contos said the price cut has been made possible by a grant. She’s been tallying up the numbers every day since the discount kicked in on Feb. 1. It turns out, this past month 282 cats and dogs found homes, compared with just 129 in January.

This means the shelter processed more than twice as many adoptions in just a month’s time.

In the dog and cat kennels, there is actually space left over.

But don’t be fooled: Indianapolis Care and Control is saying there are still plenty of potential pets that need to be rescued, and more are brought in every day. As far as the $10 deal, it is temporary, but is expected to be around for at least another 6 months.

Find more information at the shelter's website.

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