Indy women enjoy craft beer in Girls' Pint Out

INDIANAPOLIS - As the craft brewing industry expands in Indiana and across the country, breweries are reaching out to an ever-widening audience of beer drinkers, men and women alike.

In Indianapolis, women like Sarah Croft have become something of beer connoisseurs after attending events targeted specifically at women – among them Girls' Pint Out.

"I didn't know anything. It was Keystone Light, or something like Coors Light," Croft said. "Now I really like IPAs, India Pale Ales, they're very hoppy beers, very bitter beers – something that I would not have liked probably five or six years ago."

Girls' Pint Out has grown from a single chapter in Indianapolis to 48 chapters in 25 states – proving, its attendees say, that craft beer isn't just for men.

More information about Girls' Pint Out events can be found on their Facebook page .

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