Indy wraps up record-breaking weekend

INDIANAPOLIS - They came in record numbers, some dressed in costume, to game over the course of four days. Gen Con organizers said it’s their most successful event ever. Why?

“I think they realize and understand what Gen Con is, which is people getting together and having a good time and gaming and enjoying each other," Gen Con organizer Stacia Kirby said.

Gen Con was one of three big events this weekend in Indianapolis. MotoGP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the final weekend of the Indiana State Fair were the other two.

The fair’s 17-day run came with nearly perfect weather.

“It's a fun time for the family,” Indianapolis resident Derick Burke said. “I've got my niece, my son and his sister. Everyone is riding rides and eating good food."

Officials say this year’s fair will go down in the record books for attendance, partly because of a good mixture of free concerts and entertainment, the debut of the glass barn and incentives to get visitors through the gate.

“I came Tuesday for Two Dollar Tuesday and I ate a ton of food and left happy and didn't regret a bit of it,” Indianapolis resident Ashley Burke said. “Today I'll do some rides and have fun with the family."

Three days of record attendance helped place the 2013 fair into history.

“This is going to end up being one of the top three fairs, attendance-wise, that we've ever had. So that's fantastic,” Indiana State Fair spokesman Andy Klotz said. “We'll be over 900,000 people for sure and that's just a great run."
While MotoGP isn’t shattering records, 50,000 people showed up for Sunday’s race after IMS officials gave it the green light late Saturday for its seventh return in 2014.

“I love the noise. I love the race itself since I was a child because my father is big fan and he was a pilot,” Argentinian Alejandre Martinez said. “So I have it in my blood, you know?”

It was a great weekend for the city, wrapping up nicely with high numbers and lots of fun had by all.

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