IndyGo officials urge central Indiana drivers to "Dump the Pump," switch to alternate transit

Buses, bikes, carpooling urged as ways to save

INDIANAPOLIS - IndyGo officials are trying to lure potential riders to their system with a Dump the Pump day which promotes bus travel, carpooling, and biking as alternatives to driving to work alone.

So what would it take to make these people into regular bus riders?

"I don't know,” said one person. “Honestly, I don't know much about the schedule. So maybe just more awareness of it, or I don't know."

Another person said IndyGo would be more attractive if she didn't have to transfer.

"Probably if I could only take one bus. So if I have to take two, it would probably take a longer process," she said.

Then there’s the issue of how to pay for a ride.

Riders can buy passes online or over the phone and they will be mailed to the riders.

Passes can also be purchased in person at IndyGo's downtown retail center on North Delaware Street.

Bryan Luellen of IndyGo explained the options of paying in person.

 "Well, you can pay $1.75 when you board the bus. It's exact change. They don't make any change for you.  So you need a dollar and three quarters. They won't take pennies. But you can do any, any iteration of a dollar-seventy-five. No change made,” Luellen said.

A day pass can be purchased for $4. Riders can pay with a $5 bill, but no change will be made.

IndyGo also has information on carpooling and biking, with rules on bike lanes and traffic rules bikers often ignore.

Dump The Pump Day comes after another legislative session in which IndyGo officials failed to get what they wanted.

But hearings are starting up again this summer on a possible referendum to expand the system. 

And they're hoping that enthusiasm generated on Dump the Pump Day might sway legislators. 

The national sponsor of the event, the American Public Transportation Association, said the average two-person family that downsizes to one car can save $9,700 per year.

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