Indy's homeless seek shelter from the storm

Blizzard blankets Irish Hill


Homeless Hoosiers in Indianapolis endured the most difficult day of the year on Wednesday as a major snow storm blanketed a downtown encampment.

The Irish Hill camp is just a few blocks east of downtown Indy and many of the city's homeless call the railroad overpass and the surrounding hills home.

By day, the homeless leave the camp in search of shelters and day facilities where they can receive services, counseling, medication and even a hot shower. But when night falls and the cold wind settles in, the homeless have few options but to tough it out until morning.

"A lot of people don't have (identification).  And a lot of people can't get into the shelters without an ID. That presents a challenge there, too," officials said.

On the day before Christmas, at least half a dozen people stopped by the camp to offer food and blankets. However, Wednesday's heavy snow kept the good Samaritans away, leaving the homeless out in the cold.

Indianapolis Metro Police said they urged at least 600 homeless people to find shelter before the storm.


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