Interfaith peace rally urges crowd to stop the violence

INDIANAPOLIS - There was an urgent call for peace Thursday afternoon on the downtown steps of the Indiana War Memorial.

Representatives from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths were present to unite for one cause -- to stop the killing and stop the violence.

Twelve ministers from different faiths spoke and rallied to keep the faith and to show that the community will not back down against violence.

"Where there is despair we pray for hope. Where dreams have been destroyed we pray for new possibilities, and where violence continues to harm God we pray for peace," Rev. Ann Rosebrock with Meridian Street United Methodist Church said.

That plea for peace came too late for too many people who have been killed already this year. Each victim's name was read during the rally.

Others who attended the rally said they had their own special reasons.

"I lost a son in 2008 to a senseless shooting in a house party. I lost a brother in 1992 to a shooting. That touches my heart when I do see someone who loses someone," Indianapolis resident Roy Bush said.

Donna Monday wanted to make sure she was there to promote peace.

"I really believe what Woody Allen says 80 percent of life is showing up. I just decided to show up," Monday said.

None of the perpetrators of crime were there, but there was a message for them too.

"Asking God for the strength and the guidance to stop putting violent drugs into your bodies, acts that often contribute to the perpetration of violence in our society," Imam Michael Saahir with Nur Allah Islamic Church said.

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