Investigators arrest man connected to south side explosion probe

David Gill, 49, faces insurance fraud charge

INDIANAPOLIS - A man connected to the investigation of the deadly south side explosion has been arrested, the Call 6 Investigators have learned.

David Gill, 49, is now behind bars facing a charge of insurance fraud involving a motorcycle.

Gill reported it stolen, when authorities say he had disassembled it.

The charge is not related to the explosion in the Richmond Hill neighborhood, but the suspect's name is very familiar those investigators.

Gill was among the many people questioned and not charged in connection to the deadly blast.

Investigators say they have evidence that shows Gill sent a text message to suspect Mark Leonard on the day of incident.

Police also spoke to Gill's ex-girlfriend, who told detectives that Gill told her to burn down her home to collect insurance, since she was in need of cash.

Gill was not arrested in connection with the explosion, but he is on the radar of Johnson County authorities.

Kim barker said she hired Gill and Leonard for a home improvement project.

Barker has an ongoing lawsuit seeking $27,000 from both men.

"He said he and David Gill were contractors," Barker said. "They said they owned this company, they worked on million-dollar homes and business."

Barker found Gill and Leonard to be anything but professional.

"They tore my house apart, got my money and took off. My brother and I had to put it back together," she said. "They're thieves, they're crooks and they are out to use people and get money."

A source close to the Richmond Hill investigation said that David Gill is not the so-called fourth suspect -- the person believed to be in the white van outside the home that exploded just hours before the blast.

That source said the investigation is continuing, and they are still trying to identify that fourth person.

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