Investigators still look for loose change after burglary

Thousands of dollars spilled onto road

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - Several motorists stopped to fill their pockets with thousands of dollars in loose change that spilled across a roadway last week, but the sheriff said the money belongs to a Trafalgar man who was recently burglarized.

Mostly silver dollars spilled across the roadway near the intersection of State Road 135 and Spearsville Road in Johnson County.

"Individuals that were actually on the roadway picking up the coins, (we) actually had to ask some of the individuals there to empty out their pockets... that the change did not belong to them," Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said.

The police report said that some people obeyed those orders, but others, including an elderly couple, filled their pockets and drove away.

The responding officer picked up what he could. He also called in the Johnson County Highway Department, and with a broom, they were able to collect $439.33.

But that was only the amount collected at the scene. Since then, others have had a change of heart and have brought back what they took. Since then, more than $2,000 has been recovered.

Cox said someone stole the money from a nearby house while the homeowner was out of town.

The burglars also took other items including several guns worth about $12,000.

"All the guns have not been recovered. We have recovered two guns that a gentleman turned in on Monday. They are from our burglary," Cox said.

Most of the money and merchandise have not been turned in, and the sheriff's message to all the opportunists involved is a simple one.

"It's not like when we were kids when finders keepers, losers weepers. It’s not that anymore. It's not that anymore. It's not if you find an item in the roadway it belongs to you," Cox said.

Police ask that anyone who may have collected any of the missing merchandise to return it to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Franklin or call 317-346-4604.

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