IPS ready to find Dr. White's replacement

School board will hire search firm

INDIANAPOLIS - After Tuesday’s announcement that Dr. Eugene White will be retiring as superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, the school board is looking ahead to select his replacement.

School board president, Diana Arnold, said the board will hire a search firm to help look for a new superintendent.

Arnold knows what she is looking for and hopes to have the new superintendent in place before the start of the new school year.

“Someone who is collaborative, someone who really wants to take a look at how other districts have done things, to hear views and to take that into consideration as they are leading. We don’t want to be a board that micromanages a superintendent. We want someone who shares our vision,” Arnold said.

There are 2,200 IPS teachers who will have to carry out the vision of the new superintendent, and their union president said children are the priority.

“Doing what is right for the kids of IPS. Poverty is great in IPS. We have to accept that, embrace it and then say how do we make a change for the kids,” said union president Ann Wilkins.

Parents and grandparents want to see the new candidate continue and improve what has already been implemented.

Judith Thomas has six grandchildren who attend IPS schools and thinks the new superintendent needs to have a strong connection with inner city neighborhoods.

“Attend neighborhood meetings so he could be more in touch with the wants and needs of the parents,” Thomas said.

Dr. White said he will remain on the job until April.

The board will begin its search for an interim superintendent immediately.

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