IPS school board election results could change traditional 4-3 vote

Three new faces coming to IPS board

INDIANAPOLIS - Three new faces will join the Indianapolis Public Schools School Board, and the newcomers say it could mean changes for children, taxpayers and for Superintendent Dr. Eugene White.

Incumbent Elizabeth Gore was not re-elected, and Mary Busch and Marianna Zaphirou did not seek re-election.

The election results mean three board members who have been known as sympathetic to White will be out come January, and three new faces will be on the board.

Voters elected newcomers Sam Odle, Caitlin Hannon and Gayle Cosby.

"I'm thrilled," said Annie Roof, current IPS board member.

Roof, a vocal White opponent, has typically been among the three in the 4-3 votes that often happened on the IPS board the past two years.

"It's been impossible to get things done," said Roof. "I'm looking forward to change on the board and starting fresh with practically a new board."

"I think what you will see is a lot more pragmatism," said Hannon. "So, real concerns around issues versus political motives that have drive 4-3 votes."

White could see some changes to his dynamic with the board.

"He's going to have to embrace change and to think differently about things. It's not going to be a top-down, my way or the highway anymore," said Roof.

"Dr. White will look at the board he has to work with and make decisions he wants to make as a professional," said Odle.

The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce said the changes will be good for recruiting companies to Indy.

"We believe education is the foundation for business community and economic development," said Cara Klaer, marketing director for the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

Incoming board members told RTV6 that parents and taxpayers made it clear they want to see changes.

"People wanted something better for their kids," said Hannon. "We have a big task at hand. There are high expectations of what reform will look like in the district."

"Everything is going to be focused on the classroom now," said Roof.

An IPS spokesperson said White won't speak about the election results until he's had a chance to talk to the winners.

"I would just like to congratulate each of them and welcome them on to the board," said incumbent Elizabeth Gore, when contacted by RTV6 for comment on her loss. 

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