Irsay, Anthem donate $75k for trauma kits

INDIANAPOLIS - Thanks to a $75,000 donation, all 1,500 IMPD officers will soon have a lifesaving trauma kit.

The donation was announced during Sunday's Colts game, and comes through a partnership between Colts owner Jim Irsay and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

"It is our way of saying 'thank you' to them for all they do, but also making sure that they have those important tools," said Stephanie Pemberton, the Colts' director of marketing.

Police say the kits, which cost $100 a piece, have been used to save the lives of children and other officers. One of those saved was IMPD Officer Jason Fishburn, who survived being shot in the head and chest thanks in part to the help of a fellow officer with a trauma kit.

"Because of the tools and the time that was saved in getting that bag on him and sustaining his vitals, Jason Fishburn, with the prayers of the community, is alive today and is now moving forward with his family," said Dennis Fishburn, Jason's father.

The kits consist of simple tools, scissors, an airway and a military-style bandage. But in the right hands, the equipment can save lives.

"So, if there is an injured officer or an injured civilian, this can be given to them, this is what you need and these are the steps you need to do it," Dr. Andrew Stevens, deputy medical director for IEMS, said.

Indiana's Fraternal Order of Police leaders say the next step is getting these kits to police in other departments in Central Indiana.

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