Irsay, fans at odds over Colts preseason ticket prices

Irsay responds to fans via Twitter

INDIANAPOLIS - Colts owner Jim Irsay responded to upset fans via Twitter and defended the team’s policy for preseason ticket prices Wednesday.

Fans were upset about paying the same price for tickets to watch the preseason games as they do to watch the stars of the team during the regular season.

Mike Peduto with Circle City Tickets said that is why many fans buy preseason tickets on the secondary market.

“That’s the difference, we’re going to price (them) based on the demand, because if we priced ours at the price on the ticket, we would never sell them,” Peduto said.

Irsay said the pricing system for season tickets was fair.

“You pay a lump sum in reality for 10 season tics..your Bronco tics – Peyton Manning’s return – are 400 percent under-priced – preseason tickets overpriced.. it balances out in the end,” Irsay said on Twitter. “That’s the reason season tic prices shouldn’t even have a tic price on individual tics..the 10 home game tics have varying value.”

Fans said that explanation won’t stop the griping.

The ticket defense came two days after Irsay used Twitter to blast his team’s preseason performance against the Buffalo Bills and apologize to fans for it.

The next preseason game for the Colts is Sunday in New York City.

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