Is Fountain Square an 'undiscovered gem?'

Developers, residents say yes

INDIANAPOLIS - Developers are calling them an "undiscovered" area of downtown, and now Fountain Square and Fletcher Place are poised for a big boom.

Over the past decade, the neighborhoods have rapidly evolved – thanks in no small part to the cultural trail which has connected them with downtown.

Residents like Stan and Mary Labuz say the atmosphere drew them to Fountain Square from Speedway six months ago.

"We made a goal to ourselves that if we're going anywhere under a mile, we couldn't take our car out. And we've pretty much stuck to that," Mary said.

The trail connects the Fountain Square cultural district to downtown and beyond. Starting next month, it will also connect craft beer enthusiasts to a new brewery.

"I always came by here, and I saw this building going up, and I saw this neighborhood growing and growing," said Skip Duvall, with the soon-to-open Chilly Water Brewing Company.

Aside from Chilly Water, the area is also slated to see a new restaurant named Milktooth and a new apartment building with 68 units.

District 9 Councilor Jeff Miller said the area's development has been "amazing to see."

"I do believe the residential needed to come first, so we saw projects like the Mozzo and the Hinge," Miller said.

But, Miller said, there are still challenges for the area – the biggest being getting retail to follow residents to the neighborhoods.

"It's kind of a two-pronged there, you need to invite in more retail, we want them to come, and we want the folks who are here to still feel like they're part of the family," he said.

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