Bloomington police warn against campus thefts during the holidays

Students prepare to vacate dorms for holiday break


Bloomington Police are warning Indiana University students to be on guard as potential thieves plot campus break-ins on campus during the holidays.

Campus officials advised students to pack-up their valuables before leaving their dorm rooms before going home for the holidays.

IU student Brianna Saalfrank said she knew some classmates who were victims of theft.

"It was horrible. They got so much taken away from them and they could not get any of it back. A lot of them didn't have any kind of insurance so they didn't get anything," Saalfrank said.

IU student Audrey Kleine said she's taking steps to prevent holiday theft.

"We're packing (everything) up before we put it in the cars," Kleine said.

Police also advised students to take pictures of their items and write down the serial numbers on electronics.


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