Jamie Bradway thanks community for support

Bradway thanks city officials, school district

INDIANAPOLIS - Jamie Bradway, widow of fallen Officer Rod Bradway, spoke to RTV6 on Friday to thank those who have helped her family.

The strong and determined widow wanted to make sure she thanked everyone who had any part in supporting her and her two children, Sierra and Jonathan, since her husband was killed last week in the line of duty.

"I would like to thank Governor Pence, Mayor Ballard, Mayor Thompson, Chief Hite," Bradway said. "And the words thank you just don't seem to be enough."

Jamie Bradway really did seem to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, from her family and friends to her family in blue and from complete strangers.

She said her children's school district has done its part to help.

"And the school has been outstanding. I really couldn't ask for anymore from anybody. Everybody's been so amazing," Bradway said.

Bradway said her kids were doing OK despite the circumstances.

"There's been an amazing amount of support. And um, they're hanging in there, they're being strong, they're being really really strong," she said.

Bradway was able to laugh, just as she did on occasion at her husband's funeral when someone at the podium would tell a funny story about her husband, a man she spent 18 years with.

She described her husband as a giver who would let anyone have the shirt off his back.

"That's how we met, I borrowed his shirt...He let me borrow his shirt so that I could ride a shift out at Wayne Township, I was in the Academy," Bradway said.

When she was asked if she had a message for everyone, she said: Be vigilant, watch over your neighbors and especially your police officers.

"For all my public safety family, please be safe," Bradway said.

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