Jimmy John's delivery driver caught adding extra tips

Police: $257 in extra charges added over 3 months

INDIANAPOLIS - Managers at an Indianapolis Jimmy John's sandwich shop reported to police that they caught a driver adding tips to dozens of customers' orders.

Police were called Tuesday to the Jimmy John's on East 82nd Street at Castleton Square Mall.

An area manager for the chain told officers he caught an employee adding extra tips to customers' orders, dating back to Oct. 1 and adding up to $257.

The manager told police that the money has now been refunded to customers.

In food service circles, the practice is known as "upping" since it effectively ups the dollar amount authorized by the customer on credit card transactions.

Typically, the added amounts on each order are low enough that customers don't notice or decide not to report it.

The local manager told police the employee had been "upping" the tip amount for numerous customers, and then research showed it had been going on since October.

An owner of the local Jimmy John's franchise declined to comment to the Call 6 Investigators on Wednesday night, saying he was aware of the situation but had nothing to add.

No criminal charges have yet been filed as police begin gathering evidence in the case.

The police report did not say whether the employee is still driving for the store.

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