Franklin bakery offering up 'Soup for the Soul' to anyone in need

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. -- As summer comes to a close, a local bakery and café in downtown Franklin wants the public to know they are open to serve you. 

Gigi's Sugar Shack Café is located on Jefferson Street just east of the courthouse, neighbored by JP Parker florist. 

They recently renovated their space to expand to the larger corner spot of the building to be able to serve more customers.

One initiative is Soup for the Soul.  The café posted on their Facebook page that this soup would be a revision to their current menu and the goal is to make sure everyone in the community has access to a warm meal.


"There are plenty of families in our community as well as young people that have to go home hungry! Single parents struggling to put food on the table we understand the struggle!" they wrote in a post on Facebook on Sunday. 


Gigi's will cook up a warm soup with crackers each day that anyone can come in and request - free of charge.  This is a no questions asked scenario for anyone who falls on hard times. 


The soup will be available each day while supplies last or while funds allow.  Anyone can call in and request the soup to go, or come in out of the weather and enjoy the meal in their café. 


After posting the notice on Facebook less than 24 hours ago - more than 100 people shared the post with their friends and neighbors. 


Also a few people asked on Facebook how they can contribute - and Gigi's will accept donations from anyone who wishes to contribute to help fund Soup for the Soul.

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