Judge: Partial go-ahead with Spierer lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS - A section of a wrongful death lawsuit pushed by missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer's parents can move forward, a judge decided Monday.

Spierer disappeared after a night out drinking with friends in 2011. Her parents, Charlene and Robert Spierer of Greenburgh, N.Y., sued three of Lauren's friends for not ensuring their incapacitated daughter returned safely to her apartment after the night of partying in Bloomington.

U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt upheld a motion by the defendants to dismiss one count of Lauren's parents' complaint brought under the Child Wrongful Death Statute, claiming "loss of a child's services." 

Judge Pratt said she chose to dismiss the count because Lauren was an adult when she disappeared.

In early December one of the three men who were with Lauren before she disappeared was dismissed from the lawsuit. Michael Beth was successfully dismissed from the lawsuit, while Corey Rossman and Jason Rosenbaum are still involved in the suit.

Read more about the Spierers' lawsuit here.

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