Jury finds suspended IMPD officer David Butler guilty on 2 counts robbery, 2 counts misconduct

Butler's first trial ended in hung jury

INDIANAPOLIS - A jury has found suspended IMPD officer David Butler, 53, guilty on two counts of robbery and two counts of official misconduct.

The jury reached a verdict after roughly four hours of deliberation. Sentencing has been set for Feb. 22.

Butler is convicted of targeting Hispanic men for traffic stops and then robbing them.

All the victims required translators in court, but they all pointed the finger at Butler.

Butler is suspended from the police department, but he has logged a 24-year career. 

He was charged with three counts of robbery and three counts of official misconduct.

Butler is accused of pulling over Emilano Vasquez in January 2011 and conducting a traffic stop at a gas station.

Vasquez said Butler took his wallet and made him go stand by the officer's car. 

Vasquez was not ticketed, and when he got back in his car and examined his wallet, his money was gone. Some of the stop was captured on surveillance video. 

Even when detectives showed Butler the video, he said it was not him and added, "If I'm going to steal money, it's going to be a big amount." 

Butler said he lied about it being him on the tape because he didn't mark out of service during the stop, and he had been suspended for that offense before. 

In closing arguments, defense attorney Robert Turner said Butler didn't follow the rules and he did lie, but he didn't commit those crimes. Metro police chief Rick Hite weighed in on the case.

"We raise the bar. We look for ethical officers. We look for those who understand integrity and we hold true to that," Hite said. "These are all allegations, and we await the outcome of the jury's decision."

In all, there were three victims in three separate traffic stops, and none of suspects knew each other. 

Prosecutor John Keiffner said it's not reasonable that all three of the men made up the robbery story.

Butler's first trial for the same charges ended with a hung jury.

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