Knightstown police chief stunned for good cause

Event raised $800 cash, $25K pledge

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. - A police chief of a small eastern Indiana who was shot by a stun gun at a fundraising event to buy a new squad car says he raised $800.79 in cash and received a $25,000 pledge from a Texas company.

Knightstown Police Chief Danny Baker says he's been receiving calls from all over the country and expects to collect more money. His goal was to raise $9,000 so the town of about 2,100 people about 25 miles east of Indianapolis could lease a new squad car. He says he may be able to get a second car.

"I grew up in this town. This is my hometown. My Dad died when I was nine years old, he was a businessman here in town, after he died, I didn't have one parent, I had 2,000. OK, this is my way of repaying the town," Baker said.

The crowd loved the event and people contributed what they could as they passed around donation buckets.

Baker said the feeling of being hit with 50,000 volts of low-amp electricity Wednesday night felt like someone hitting him in the back of the head repeatedly as hard they could.

Baker said a Fishers company will donate the labor to put the necessary equipment in their new police cars when they get them.

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