Kokomo buses destroyed, damaged in fire

Some delays for elderly, disabled ridership

KOKOMO, Ind. - Kokomo’s bus service was crippled after a fire ripped through a city garage Tuesday night and destroyed six buses used to transport the elderly and disabled.

Almost half of the fleet of the city’s vehicles were damaged in the fire at Kokomo Central Garage.

The City of Kokomo uses the buses to transport the elderly and those who are medically disabled to appointments or to help them run errands.

Dispatchers were determined to not cancel services for the day and made necessary adjustments to the schedule.

Mayor Greg Goodnight said they’ve asked those who aren’t desperate for a ride Wednesday to stall their errands for now.

The city also considered renting buses or vans and calling on the city’s fixed route buses for help.

"We'll probably make a determination by the end of today and see what our insurance carrier suggests," Goodnight said.

For some riders, the service is more than just a convenience, it’s what they depend on every day.

"It means a lot because I can count on them to get me where I need to go," Briana Rawlins said.

The Kokomo Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire. Officials said they suspect it has to do with a malfunctioning heater in one of the buses.

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