Lawmakers ready to debate Sunday alcohol sales

Public hearing will take place Wednesday

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana is part of the minority across the nation when it comes to the ban of Sunday alcohol sales, but a change could be in the future.

Indiana state lawmakers are considering bills to lift the ban, which proponents argue is one of the toughest in the nation and costs the state $9 million in lost tax revenue.

Super Bowl Sunday always intensifies the debate because alcohol plays a part in many Super Bowl celebrations.

” Well definitely beer for sure, for drinks,” said Nicole Barossa in response to the question about what she will eat and drink.

There is not a game day exception for the alcohol ban, so any alcohol for Super Bowl parties must be purchased prior to game day.

“Whenever I thought about talking to people on Friday or Saturday, I said get your beer on Saturday because it’s Super Bowl Sunday,” said Super Bowl party host David Schisla.

“I think when it comes to substances, you need to pick and choose what to regulate and alcohol seems like a really silly thing to regulate. If I can go to a bar and spend a lot of money on alcohol, why can’t I buy it myself in stores,” said shopper Carla Owens .

This debate goes beyond consumption as some people argued against the law change.

Some said changing the law could put people out of business.

Many package liquor stores argued the cost of opening a seventh day would make it impossible to compete with the big chains. 

Lawmakers are now set to open the discussion to the public.  

The House Public Policy Committee's public hearing is set for Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Statehouse.

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