Lawrence North High School freshman found with stun gun on school bus

15-year-old suspended pending hearing

INDIANAPOLIS - A Lawrence North High School student has been suspended after he was found with a stun gun on a school bus, the district said.

The bus driver first noticed the stun gun during a Tuesday morning route.

When the bus reached the high school, the students were searched, and another student tipped off administrators that the weapon was in the backpack of a 15-year-old freshman, the district said.

"I'm proud of the student who stepped forward to make sure the stun gun was found," Principal Brett Crousore said in a news release. "Our students want their school and buses to be safe. Stepping up was the right thing to do."

The freshman told administrators that the stun gun belongs to a parent, and that he didn't realize it was in his backpack.

No one was injured. The freshman was suspended pending an expulsion hearing.

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