Lawrence PD firing range closed over bad bullets

INDIANAPOLIS - Lawrence police are blaming bad bullets for the temporary shutdown of their practice range after a second officer was injured in a shooting mishap this week.

On Friday, the department closed its facility on the 9500 block of East 59th Street after a second mishap involving their .40 caliberĀ GlockĀ 22 service guns.

The city of Lawrence said it believes the problem stems from a batch of RWS Cooper Matrix NTF bullets.

That ammunition is lead-free, and the department says, per federal workplace rules, they are to use that type of bullet in training.

"These are bullets that are used specifically in the training facility," said Thomas Cook, deputy chief of staff for the city of Lawrence. "They're specially designed for the target practice. The officers go in for their regular qualifications, and they're used for that purpose only. This has no effect on our beat cops out there on the street."

Both injuries occurred when the bullets apparently caused officers' guns to malfunction and break apart, causing burns to the hands, according to Cook.

Cook said the department has removed all of the practice range bullets from its circulation, and that the officer injured on Friday was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

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