Lifeguard's quick response helps mitigate acid leak at Indianapolis YMCA

Fire officials: Acid leaked from pool area

INDIANAPOLIS - An acid leak at a YMCA on Indianapolis' east side was mitigated Saturday, stopping it from becoming a bigger problem.

Hazardous materials crews from the Indianapolis Fire Department were called to the YMCA at 501 N. Shortridge Road about 2 p.m.

Muriatic acid was leaking in the mechanical room of the swimming pool, fire officials said.

"A lifeguard noticed the leak when she went to turn the acid on for the swimming pool," said IFD Lt. Larry Tracy. "She immediately cleared the pool area and called 911."

Fire officials credited the lifeguard's quick response. The leak was stopped after just two to three gallons of acid had leaked.

"YMCA staff is working with officials to determine the reason for the spill and the outdoor pool will remain closed until further notice," read part of a statement from the YMCA.

No one was injured.

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