Local 5th-grade teacher follows dream to become professional soccer player

Wey 1 of 3 Hoosiers to join Indy Eleven

INDIANAPOLIS -  A local teacher is leaving the job he loves to pursue the chance at another dream job.

Chris Wey, 28, will leave his fifth-grade students at Garden City Elementary School to become a professional soccer player with the Indy Eleven.

Wey is one of three Hoosiers recruited to play for Indianapolis’ new professional soccer team.

He will soon leave his classroom and his students to head to training camp in Arizona before hitting the national circuit.

"A lot of emotions you know. I'm excited because I'm starting a new journey, but I'm going to miss these kids," Wey said. "I don't think it's really hit them. I think tomorrow it will hit them a little more when they realize, OK, this is the last time he's walking us to the bus, the last time we're having lunch. (It will) hit me especially tomorrow. But they're kind of enjoying it."

Some of his students have already gotten autographs. They said they look forward to cheering on their former teacher on the soccer field.

"I think it's cool because not many people can say their teacher was a professional athlete," student Erick Hernandez added.

Even when he's no longer in the classroom, Wey will continue to teach an important lesson -- anything is possible when you pursue your dreams.

Wey said when he's back home and not on the field, he plans to visit the classroom every once in a while to check in on his kids.

Indy Eleven’s season kicks off in April.

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