Local Cub Scout troop losing charter in response to national gay membership decision

70% of local troops sponsored by religious groups

WHITELAND, Ind. - There is local backlash in Johnson County after the Boy Scouts of America announced their decision to accept gay youth.

Leaders of Whiteland Cub Scouts Pack 617 has dissolved the pack and its church sponsorship is following suit.

Leaders said the troop is dissolving in response to the Boy Scout of America’s decision to accept gay youth.

Grace Assembly of God sponsored Pack 617.

Pastor Wayne Murray said the church was working to dissolve its charter with Boy Scouts of America in support of the troop leaders’ decision to lead as a faith-based organization.

“It’s their beliefs and I have my own beliefs, so if someone was to impose something that maybe I didn’t believe in, than I would probably have to step back from something too. So I don’t hold anything against anybody, everybody has their own beliefs, their own standards,” said parent Lisa Cos.

Assemblies of God, the world’s largest Pentecostal group has spoken out nationally. They have predicted a mass exodus in response to the BSA’s policy change.

“They see it as a ministry of their church, The Boy Scouts, so if the Boy Scouts doesn’t follow what their church believes, than they’re not going to associate with the Boy Scouts anymore,” said parent Amy Coast.

Southern Baptists are considering dropping ties with the Boy Scouts, and leaders are set to vote Wednesday.
The result could impact nearly 4,000 units.

The National Jewish Committee on Scouting and the Mormon Church have both come out in support of allowing gay boy scouts.

Roman Catholic leaders said they were undecided.

An estimated 70 percent of all local troops are sponsored by religious groups.

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