Local hero advocates for tornado victims, pushes prosthetic parity law

Decker lost her legs during Henryville tornado

HENRYVILLE, Ind. - The southern Indiana woman who lost her legs protecting her children is raising awareness to help others.

Stephanie Decker is advocating for storm victims in need and wants to focus on the plight of people who lose a limb.

Decker spent a few moments speaking with Gov. Mike Pence on Saturday during the tornado commemoration in Henryville.

Decker was thrust into the national spotlight after shielding her children during the destructive tornado last March.

“Our lives are back together again. We want to help others get back together too,” Decker said.

She is using her prominence to push for a bill in the Kentucky legislature that would ensure amputees get the best prosthetic available.

The prosthetic parity proposal passed the Kentucky House last Friday.

“It’s a big victory,” Decker said.

She said it is a big week for her to accomplish her goal.

“We only have six days to get this bill in committee, out of committee and into a vote. I think we are going to do it. I’m a positive thinker,” Decker said.

Joe Decker is proud to see his wife making the most of her notoriety.

“She makes it easy. She never complains or gripes. She’s really positive. All she does is her therapy,” Decker said.

“We are blessed. Don’t feel sorry for us. We are doing great,” Decker said.

Indiana already has a similar prosthetic parity law in place.

Decker told RTV6 that there is a movie and book possibly in the works about her story and the March 2012 tornado.


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