Local music producer faces murder charge related to shooting in his studio

Police look for 3 other suspects

INDIANAPOLIS - Local rap music producer Carlton Hart beat a murder rap last year and filed a civil lawsuit against the city claiming false arrest. 

That lawsuit is still pending, but Hart is back in jail facing another, separate murder charge.

Hart spent more than 700 days in jail for the 2008 murder he said he didn't commit, but now he is under arrest related to a shooting that happened at his studio.

"I thought it was totally ridiculous. It wasn't me. It was pretty obvious it wasn't me," Hart told RTV6 last year about his 2008 arrest in the murder of Richard Miller.

Four witnesses identified Hart from surveillance camera footage, but Hart had an alibi witness, and after he and the alibi witness passed a polygraph test, he was released.

This time, Hart and 20-year-old Dontee Robinson are charged with murder and kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and conspiracy to commit criminal confinement. They are both in custody. 

Police are looking for three others believed to be involved in the incident -- Dominique Hamler, 20, James McDuffey, 29, and Nathaniel Armstrong, 20.

"The murder occurred in (Hart's) studio," said Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson. "Prior to the murder, he and a couple of other defendants were in Lowe's purchasing duct tape, zip ties and a two-by-four, all of which were used during the commission of the crime."

Thomas Keys, 22, was murdered, and Marvin Finney, 26, was shot multiple times, police said.

Finney was able to flee the studio and sought help in the CVS drug store parking lot down the street .

The shooting was apparently retaliation for a prior shooting in which one of Hart's relatives was killed.
It is unclear if Hart's new arrest will affect his civil lawsuit. 

City Corporation counsel Samantha Karn didn't offer any comment.

Hart declined an interview with RTV6. 

Hart's civil attorneys did not return calls for comment.

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