Local runners refuse to miss Boston Marathon

Pair expects race to be emotional

INDIANAPOLIS - Runners across the globe are preparing for the Boston Marathon and a group of Indiana runners say not going back is not an option.

Dozens of Hoosiers will be leaving soon to head to the Boston Marathon. They admit it will be an emotional race to run, but they say they are more determined than ever to finish it.

Indiana runners Matt Gutwein and Kurt Eckert both watched the carnage unfold in person. They said they will never forget the images from the finish line.

"It remains emotional today. There's not a day that I don't think about that event and what happened. And so this year, I think everybody there is running for an entirely different purpose," Gutwein said.

Despite the emotion and the haunting memories of the day one year ago, both runners will go back for this year's Boston Marathon.

Gutwein will be there with his family and Eckert will be there with a large group of runners from Carmel.

"Just to send a message that whether it's a marathon or some other event, people still go on, move on from the past and be strong. In this case Boston Strong," Eckert said.

"This year you're running for the spirit of humanity, for the spirit of resiliency, for the spirit that we're not going to let terrorism defeat our way of life. We're not going to let that fear overcome us," Gutwein said.

The runners said the security measures this year in Boston are stricter than they've ever been. There are absolutely no bags allowed, but they say that is completely understandable.

Extra security measures will be in place for spectators too.

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